Leah Brown - Winner Miss Malaika 16
Amanda Edem Fiawosime - 1st Runner Up Miss Malaika 16
Delsey Hamilton Yankah - Second Runner Up Miss Malaika 16
Beauty Is Key - Miss Malaika 17
Our journey began more than a decade ago...

Over a decade ago, we began a search for the ultimate Queen.

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Eirene's Reign Ends

That night, the 1st November 2014 is a night to remember. It was the night I was crowned Miss Malaika 2014.

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Alright! Let's talk about makeup...

Everything about makeup! Ok, almost everything. My name is Esther Ashiakie Momo ...

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About Miss Malaika Ghana

Miss Malaika Ghana is a beauty pageant, reality show which first aired in Ghana in 2003. The show is produced by Charter House Productions and airs on Ghana television station TV3 as well as DSTV channel Africa Magic. The pageant is produced as a 12 to 13 week reality show which shows the search for a Ghanaian representative for the Miss Malaika continental competition. It was the first beauty pageant show to be aired as a reality series in Ghana.

16 Delegates
1 Crown
1 Mega Prize
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Our Delegates

Fanta Hassan Toure
22 years | (AUCC)
@PhantatoureView Bio

Fanta Hassan Toure is 22 Years and loves everything about Nature. She’s studying Development Communications at the African University College of Communications (AUCC). ‘The only thing standing between you and your dream is you! The sky isn't the limit, it’s just another level’ that’s Fanta’s Philosophy in life. As a young lady, she looks up to her Mother and Opray Winfreh as her role models.

Hosi Enyonam Deborah
18 years | U.G,Legon
@___hosiiView Bio

Deborah Enyonam Hosi is 18years old from a family of 5; she is the second child and second daughter out of 3 children. She is a First year Student at the University of Ghana and reading Information studies. She aspires to be a Television and Radio personality. She has love for Music, photography, modeling and public speaking. Her philosophy in life is to be able to grab every opportunity, good or bad and create something out of it to touch the lives of people around her. Her Role model is Berla Mundi

Vanessa Xola Donkor
22 years | U.G, Legon
@simply.xolaView Bio

Vanessa Donkor is 22 years old and the last of three children. She is in her final year at the University of Ghana and studying Sociology. She loves the job of cabin crew attendant and with her background in Sociology and a bit of French she would love to work with the United Nations (UN). She aspires to own an airline someday. Vanessa spends lots of time working out at the gymn. She looks up to Vanessa Williams; The first black woman to be crowned Miss America .

Pearl Nyarko Mensah
25 years | Graduate School, U.G
@pearl_nyarko_mensahView Bio

Pearl Nyarko-Mensah is a 25 year old Graduate student of the Department of Family and Consumer Sciences of the University of Ghana. Pearl wants to be a beacon of hope for children living with disabilities and has a keen interest in children living with autism. She would like to empower these children to overcome the challenges they face and attain She is building her capacity to become a super model, a nutritionist, and an entrepreneur.

Antoinette Sefakor Wuver
22 years | GTUC
@AntoinetteView Bio

Antoinette Sefakor Wuver is 22 years old and a level 400 student at The Ghana Telecom University College pursuing a degree course in Information Technology. She is interested in anything that’s related to beauty and fashion. Her role model is Miss Farida Bedwei; An inspiration to women and young ladies or anyone who is physically challenged. Antoinette believes strongly that disability is not inability .

Keila Enimil
20 years | GTUC
@_keylahView Bio

Kayla Enimil and she’s 20 years old and lives in Tarkwah with her family. She cherishes and loves her family so dearly and puts them first aside from God. She completed Tarkwa senior high school and now studying at Ghana Technology University College and pursuing procurement and logistics. She aspires to be a procurement manager in the mines as well as an entrepreneur. Kayla loves to swim, dance, sing and crack jokes.

Han Ohk-Hui
19 years | GTUC
@han_ohkhuiView Bio

Han Ohk-Hui is 19 years of age and the first of two children. She is studying Information Technology at the Ghana Technology University College (GTUC). She’s an inspiration to the younger generations and generations to come. She has passion for modeling and spends time getting better at it. Her philosophy in life is to work hard and stay above haters and looks up to Tyra Banks as her role mode

Belinda Ewuraba Boison
21 years | Graduate from A.T.U
@_arbah_bwoysonView Bio

Belinda Ewuraba Boison is 21 years and a graduate of Accra Technical University. Belinda aspires to be a Cabin Crew to one of the best airlines, as well as a Procurement Officer. She is the 2nd of four children. Her role model is her Mother because she’s the real epitome of a Woman of Substance.

Sheila Fangadje
19 years | Graduate MEGHIS
@S.fangadjeView Bio

Shiela Fangadje and she’s 19 years old from the Upper West Region of Ghana and the only child of her parents. She completed Methodist Girls Senior High School last year, and is yet to further her tertiary education. She grew up developing great love to establish her own businesses. She loves children, dancing and listening to music

Marcia Benewaa
22 years | Graduate (UCC)
@maamebenewaa17View Bio

Marcia Benewaa is 22 years old and a graduate from the University Of Cape Coast. Her ambition is to become a world class enterprenuer, importantly to fund her philanthropic projects, aimed particularly at women empowerment through education and financial support. Marcia loves music, fashion and cooking as well. She looks up to Ama K. Abrebese as her role Model .

Helen Cudjoe Yevu
20 years | KNUST
@helen_enyonamView Bio

She is affectionately called Helen Enyonam Cudjoe- Yevu. She’s 20 year old Ghanaian from the Volta Region and the 3rd child of her parents. Helen is an old student of Achimota Senior High School and currently at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology studying for a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Her vision is to become a financial analyst in future. She also has personal interests in modeling and fashion. Her role model is Mrs. Georgina Theodora Wood; She admires her strength and intelligence and her ability to defy the norm to become the first female chief justice in Ghana. Her philosophy in life is to put God first, always be yourself and do what makes you happy.

Johannicia Asieduwaa Agyeman
23 years | Graduate (Catholic University College)
@princessjohanpjView Bio

Johannicia Asieduwaa Agyemang. She’s 23 years and the last of four siblings. She is a graduate of Catholic university college of Ghana where she studied education.. (B. Ed English). She wishes to be an Architect in the next 5 years. She is passionate about empowering disabled people on the streets, unleash their hidden potentials and acquire skills that can improve their standard of living. She loves reading, painting and drawing. Her role model is Berla Mundi and her philosophy in life is to always stand by the truth

Valerie Asante Agyeiwaa
21 years | GIJ
@valerieagyeiwaaView Bio

Valerie Asante Ayeiwaa is 21 years of age the last born and only girl amongst two lovely boys. She is a student of the Ghana Institute of Journalism specializing in public relations. Her personal vision and future ambition is to be a public relation officer and as also aspires to be crowned as a Miss Malaika queen. Her hobbies are browsing, watching movies and listening to good music. Her philosophy in life is to do her best at every opportunity that comes her way because she believes little opportunities spring up bigger ones. Her role model is Naa Ashorkor Mensah Doku, a Television & Radio Personality .

Eva Kukubor
20 years | KNUST
@eva_kuksView Bio

Eva Mawunya Kukubor is 20 years old and from a wonderful family of 6. She’s a final year student of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and studying Political Science. She aspires to be a Lawyer with Interest I International Politics. Her life is run by one philosophy; ‘the movement is forward, it is Onwards, Always’. Eva loves to play her guitar and makes time to read as wel

Eleanor Sekou
21 years | UG,Legon
@seywithloveView Bio

Eleanor Sekou is 21years and the last of 7 girls. She’s currently studying psychology and information studies at the University of Ghana, Legon. She’s a creative person and believes everything has a touch of art and beauty. She loves to sew and hopes to own her Clothing line, soon. She loves to have meaningful, deep lengthy conversations with intellectual people to broaden her horizon.

Abigail Atswei Osabu
19 years | GIJ
@atswei_osabuView Bio

Abigail Atswei Osabu is 19 years old and currently at The Ghana Institute of Journalism. She loves to read fiction books and enjoys watching Korean movies. Her philosophy in life is that "once you can dream it, you can be it, if you work hard enough ". She admires Tyra Banks and looks up to her as her Role Model.

2016 Winner

Leah Brown
Winner of Miss Malaika Ghana 2016
@dzkuukuaView Bio

Kuukua Korsah is a graduate of Kwame Nkrumah University of science and technology who aspires to be a profound logistics professional. Kuukua loves to spend time with children, modeling, reading and watching movies. She describes herself as a “go –getter”. Kuukua is a free spirited person who always speaks her mind.

Amanda Edem Fiawosime
1st Runner Up
@edem_fiawoView Bio

Meet Martha Daniels an eighteen year old girl who dreams of being a nurse in future. According to her, she is her own role model because she pushes herself to be better every day. She admires actress Naa Ashorkor and loves to cook, read and dance. Blue, black and red are her favorite colors