Eirene's Reign Ends
By: Eirene

That night, the 1st November 2014 is a night to remember. It was the night I was crowned Miss Malaika 2014. From there I knew I had entered into a new brighter face of my life. Before Miss Malaika, I was a carefree young lady, a lover of sneakers, a bit of a tomboy and a sports girl who had dreams and goals and needed a platform to serve as a stepping stone to grabbing those dreams and dragging them into reality. I informed my family about it which they supported me whole heartedly. Despite the fact that certain individuals were against the idea, due to certain perceptions they have about pageants.

I chose to go for miss Malaika because I wanted to better myself , I wanted to be groomed into a determined fine young lady and I knew MISS MALAIKA will give me a platform to do great things for the society.

Life after the pageant has been great, of course there are ups and downs but in all I have been able to sail through and it's been great so far. There is the whole glamour part, the part where everyone recognized me everywhere I went, and the humanitarian part where I had to help solve society’s problems. When school came in, I had to find a way to juggle all these activities. This made it tough but rewarding at the same time.

My projects began in December 2014 as I joined the REACH OUT WORLD MISSION on a project called the LOVE FAIR. Where a number of orphanages came together at the Efua Sutherland Children's park to celebrate and have a free food fair. I had the opportunity to donate to these children. This commenced my projects.

I then continued with a Christmas Party at Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, children's department. I organized a party for the sick children who couldn't be home to celebrate Christmas with their friends and family. I wanted to make their Christmas fun as they were going to miss all the fun because they were on admission. I gave all the children gifts and they had smiles on their faces as the sipped on their drinks and ate some pastries. There was music, singing, dancing competition, and a photo session where we took nice pictures with the children. It was a fulfilling day.

I then embarked on a hand wash campaign / sanitation tour which involved quite a number of young volunteers from all over as we toured various basic schools. The aim was to teach the younger ones the right way of washing their hands and basic sanitation ethics to help prevent cholera which kills hundreds of children annually. The hand wash campaign visited both government basic schools and private basics schools. We donated to these schools, hand wash stations, brooms, dustbins, dustpans, soap, napkins, tissue paper, sanitizers among others.

When we encountered challenges with obtaining sponsorship from companies, we decided to embark on our own fund raising exercise. We dedicated our weekends to raising funds at shopping malls and road sides for each tour to be successful. The team is very grateful to Unilever for their support during the hand wash tour.

I continued my reign with a free book project in partnership with a foundation, ADOPT A LAMB GHANA. We went from school to school to donate 500 reading books each. These books included books covering the syllabus and also books of general knowledge to widen the scope of knowledge of every student. We visited a number of schools ranging from primary to SHS and decided to go to the northern region of Ghana where I come from to do same there.

Quite recently I came across a school founded by a young lady who has passion for street children. Stand up for Kids Foundation. These children school for free and eat for free. These are children who on a normal basis will be on the streets selling.  She makes sure they come to school and study instead. This school depends on the donations from people. I took a visit to the school to see how best I can help.

With the help of Sikkens Ghana (crown paint) I was able to paint the school with the help of some volunteers. We also donated exercise books, reading books, boxes of bottled water, boxes of indomie and some food stuffs in order to make life better for these kids.

In all, Miss Malaika hasn't only taught me to be a giver and to think of others but it has also thought me to think of the future. Now I can affect the future positively. Even though, officially, my reign comes to an end today I want to confidently say that I will continue on this path. My reign has not been easy, I have always and will always encourage myself with the saying that “the toil of today will bring fruits for tomorrow”.

As we crown a new Malaika Queen tonight, I want to encourage all the delegates to be strong, focused and remember that the sky is not the limit but only half way. To the new queen, I say congratulations. It’s not going to be an easy road, but one thing is certain, when you see the smiles on the faces of the lives you will touch, all the struggles will be worthwhile. Keep your head up and carry on the Malaika legacy, continue to remain “beautiful inside out”. My doors will always be open to you, knock on it anything you need assistance and when you need someone to encourage you, I will be there.

To the other delegates, do not be discouraged if you do not get to go home with the crown. Miss Malaika ladies are all queens with hearts, whether we win or not we always use our status as Malaika delegates to affect society. So continue with that tradition, join forces with other delegates, together you can change the society.

As I hand over my crown tonight, I would like to say many thanks to God almighty the director of my path, many thanks to Ghone TV, Charter House and the entire Miss Malaika team, many thanks also to Special Ice for being a consistent sponsor, many thanks to Sikkens Ghana, many thanks to all individuals who in a way made this work to this extent. God bless you all.