Our Journey Began More Than A Decade Ago
By: Afeafa Nfojoh

Over a decade ago, we began a search for the ultimate Queen. That one lady who embodies all the quality of a true young beauty, we were not searching for just a pretty face, we were on a “woman hunt” for a pretty face, a kind heart, and an intelligent young lady, we were on a mission to find an Angel.  Many years down the line, we have crowned 12 Angels and tonight we are about to crown our 13th Angel.

The search began this year on the 25th of July at the GhOne Studios, hundreds of young and enthusiastic ladies thronged our premises. They came from all corners of Ghana, some were singers, others were dancers but most of them were confident and intelligent. Our judges Karen Kane, William Asiedu and Hamamat Montia had a very tough time sifting through the numbers to arrive at the final 16 who began this season’s journey.

The 2015 Malaika Journey

The journey this year began with the unveiling of our 16 Angels at the Crown Appartmento Hotel where we outdoored Doreen, Gifty, Donna, Dionne, Suweida, Mamatah, Selinam, Beverly, AJ, Suraya, Karen, Kezia, Kuukua, Martha, Kumang  and Antwiwaa. Right after that the girls began their own journey with a charity task. Every year our delegates showcase and live up to the Miss Malaika theme of being “beautiful inside out”, because of this our charity tasks have been a Malaika constant for 12 years. This year was no different; the girls showed us their humane side as they split up in two groups to provide health screening for kayayei and pay the bills of babies at the Children’s hospital.

After that emotional task, the girls took a trip to Aburi for their next task, the Cultural Task. Beauty and culture met in Aburi as the girls displayed the various cultures from their hometowns, the girls through this re-echoed the fact that we are one nation and one people. Different cultures need not divide but unite us.

Then there was our famous cooking task, each year what we do with Miss Malaika is that we try to redefine what the general perception of beauty is. This year our cooking task took a different turn, the girls after completing the task surprised individuals for special reasons, this brought a lot of smiles on their faces.

After that task, our first Malaika 2015 eviction took place. Doreen and Gifty were the first delegates to be evicted.  Our ladies then went on a trip to explore the northern part of Ghana; they lodged at the Zaina Lodge in Mole where they used the amazing green scenery to execute their photo shoot task.

Right after Mole, the girls stormed the West Hills Mall in Weija for their Fashion Show task. The event was well attended by fashion bloggers, stylists, designers, models as well as fans and family of the delegates.  The girls dazzled the audiences with exciting beach wear and red carpet designs all made from GTP. And we are proud to say that our girls, what’s that fashion phrase again? NAILED IT!!!

Our final three tasks were both exciting and heart breaking because we had our grand eviction and we saw Suweida, Suraya, Mamatah, Kezia, bowing out of the competition.

Our Rexona Do More Talent Episode, saw the remaining 10 girls push themselves to the limit and “do more” to justify their inclusion to get the chance to be a part of the top 3 to present their talent on stage to the world.

The life changes experiences

Every Miss Malaika delegate will attest to the fact that Miss Malaika is a life changing experience. Whether it’s the friends you make, the grooming you receive or even the opportunities the platform affords you, you never leave Miss Malaika the same way you entered. Malaika is a transforming experience. This year I have watched the transformation unfold, they came in as individuals and now they are a family. It’s almost hard to tell that they are all in competition for the coveted title of Miss Malaika Ghana 2015. Those who entered as naïve are now very bold and confident, those who entered as confident are now extra confident and those who came in as shy have all overcome their shyness. I am very proud of all the ladies that came through this season and I am extremely proud of the final 10 delegates, you girls have come far.

From Malaika with Gratitude

We are just a few hours away from closing the capture on another amazing season and we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to our awesome sponsors and donors who bought into our vision this year and willingly jumped on board with us. To Vasline, Rexona, Optimal, Sultana Rice, Sandra Ice Cream, Abbeam Institute of Technology, KIA by Rana Motors, Kenya Airways, Glam’s Make-up, Novelle Beauty College, Super Malt, Zaina Lodge, Chase, Koko King, Shakes and Flavors, GTP NU Style, Grand Casamora, Ooh my Hair, Akiboat Photography, Exotic Modelling agency, Gen X Trading we say God bless you we hope to go on this journey with you next year.

To our amazing judges, we wouldn’t have our final 10 if you had not begun the process with us. To the awesome Karen Kane, the elegant Hamamat Montia and everyone’s favorite judge William Asiedu, we say a big thank you to you for taking time off your busy schedules to join us on our 2015 journey.

And our talented designers, you guys are exceptional. You turned our girls to princesses with your exquisite designs. We appreciate your time, effort and talent. Merci.

This year, our digital heaviness paid off and we would like to say kudos to our media partners this year. To the guys  at Media Pop Gh, and unQut we say it was amazing working with you. To our bloggers we say we couldn’t have asked for better media partners, to,, and we say it was great working with you. You carried our stories and kept the Malaika fans updated every step of the way.

And finally to Team Malaika, what else can I say? You guys simply rock. You have pulled off another successful season. What else can you expect if you have the best event company and production house collaborate? Team GhOne and Charterhouse, we are unstoppable. No wonder, Miss Malaika  Ghana won two Television awards for best reality show at the just ended Television Awards Ghana and RTP Awards. It is well deserved!

Who wins tonight? I wish I knew, but I hope you have voted and are still voting for your favorite delegate to the short code 1757 on all Networks.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a night of pure, undiluted entertainment.